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At the beginning of each school year, many students will have a hard time preparing for the year event. Spending a lot of time to make it happens. During the process, students will find out which company offer the great price, less MOQ, high quality, also located at a convenience place. In view of this, we would like assist all of our student customers.

Class T Discount

In terms of class shirt prices, in order to reduce the economic burden of students, we will provide class shirt order discounts for students. For example, if you order with another class, you can enjoy a 95% discount on the whole order. If you order with the other two shifts, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the whole order. The more students have joined classes, the more discounts. If the total price is more than 4,000 yuan, you can enjoy a free delivery discount. Students can click on the pattern to get a discount.

Best Selling Class Tee & Jacket

Best Selling Class Tee & Jacket

Students may want to make a digital template before make the order, but they might not have the skills to use professional design software, and he could not start if he wanted to make up his own. No worry, there are three ways to help everyone.

First of all, if you have a design on hand, both concept, the logos, and the pattern, just want to put the shirt to see the effect. You can go to our website to the self-service class shirt design page, and choose the product you want from it.,and then you can preview and bury it to change your design at will.

Then The Second Method Is to Refer to The design of other clients. We will Put the pictures of Well-designed Products On our Instagram – You can refer to the design and design your own class item. You can also take a look at our website’s pre design logos and combine your own elements to create your local class shirt design.

If the above two methods can’t help you design your class t shirt, of course, the best method is to click the Whatsapp button of the website to contact one of my colleagues for help, and we will be happy to help you.

Class Tee Printing

Another point classmate may overlook will be the printing method of the class tee design, but the printing method of the design often has a significant impact on the effect of the shirt when it comes out, so choosing the most appropriate printing method for the design is very important. We offer a variety of printing methods, such as screen printing, embroidery, heat transfer and digital printing, etc. Different printing methods are suitable for different situations, for example, if you need to print shirts with different names and numbers, you can use heat transfer, or if you want to print a colorful ink pattern, you can use digital printing. If you want to see what different printing methods are like, you can go to our website’s printing technology page, where we explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of different printing technologies, so that classmates can choose the method that best suits their design, and then get a quote and inquire from us.

Fabric Choice for Class Tee and Jacket

You should know that our products are divided into three categories: Custom-made clothing, ready-to-print clothing, and sports jerseys. The sports jerseys are self-explanatory so we won’t go into detail. Let us explain the difference between Custom-made clothing and ready-to-print clothing

Custom-made clothing

The custom-made clothing refers to we buy fabric from fabric stores and then cutting the fabric into the desired clothing design, printing patterns, and sewing them up. Those who appreciate creativity will see that custom-made offer more creative space, as you can not only design the shirt’s pattern, but also design details such as patchwork, color blending, different front and back lengths, etc.

ready-to-print clothing

Simply put, ready-to-print clothing refers to purchasing blank shirts from a quality guaranteed brand, such as Gildan or Printstar, and then printing designs on them. Due to the simplicity of ready-made clothing, the time from ordering to factory delivery will be quicker and only involves design and printing.

When it comes down to it, you should roughly know which option suits you best. To differentiate between the two, Custom-made clothing are generally of higher quality than ready-to-print clothing, but take more time to complete. Conversely, ready-to-print clothing has the advantage of quick delivery and relatively low prices. If you just need a shirt for a few events, ready-to-print clothing is your choice. If you want a shirt that is durable and of better quality, choose custom-made clothing. For more detailed information, you can refer to the product categories on our website.”

Minimum Order Quantity

Regardless of whether it is a class shirt or a school team shirt, in order to cater to different class sizes, the minimum order quantity of most of our products are one, whether you want to print t-shirts, print sweatshirts or customize towels, we can meet the quantity requirements.