Printstar T Shirt

Brand Information of Printstar

Other than the US import Gildan T-shirt, we also provide Japanese famous brands Printstar for you to choose,  Printstar is a higher quality ready to print T-shirt, and  pounds is higher than other brands, the texture of  T-shirt is relatively thick, if you are interested in heavy clothes, you can contact our staff to inquire about the price.

 Printstar T-shirt款式

PrintStar暫時只提供一種厚薄的T shirt,品時達主打230g的重磅Tee,型號是00085-CVT。它的版型為普通直筒,如果喜歡手感厚實的客人可以選用該款T shirt。

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Printstar Product Information

190G 00085-CVT Crew Neck T shirt

Product features: Environmentally friendly printing and dyeing process, not easy to fade, pre-shrinking treatment, comfortable and breathable cotton material.

Composition:  100% cotton
Fabric: 190g plain weave
Neckline: 2CM ribbed neckline
Sleeves and hem: Double-layer car line reinforcement
Sewing position: high-quality seaming process

Cutting: Moderate
Elasticity: micro-elastic
Thickness: Moderate
Texture:  Moderate

 Printstar T shirt Gallery

Customers can customize different T-shirts. If you don’t have a clue about Tee design, you can go to our T-shirt design station for clothes design. If you need design services or transfer manuscripts to a computer T-design template, you can also contact our company staff.