Polo-Shirt Custom made Polo-Shirt

DIY Polo-shirt

We have customized Polo shirts for major groups in Hong Kong. There are men’s and women’s styles for Polo shirts, and you can freely order any style of clothes. With basic silk screen printing and hot stamping, you can choose from more than 20 kinds of polo t printing techniques. You can order your polo shirt through Whatsapp  or at our Kwun Tong studio.

Polo shirt Material

Customers can customize different types of t-shirts. If you have no idea about T-shirt design, you can come to our polo shirt design station for clothes design. If you need design service or transfer manuscript to the computer T-shirt template, you can also contact our staff.

Contact us for more color choices

Polo Custom Area

Collar:Double Collar/Custom Collar / Standard Collar
Sleeve:Standard Sleeve/ Raglan Sleeve
Sleeve Length: Short Sleeve/Medium Sleeve/ 3/4 Sleeve/Long Sleeve
Cuff:Body Cuff/Edge Covering/Double cuff/Ribs
Pocket:No Pocket/Pocket
Hem:Body Cloth/Edge Covering/Double Hem/Round Hem/Split Hem

Useful Keyword

To make sure we can communicate smoothly, you may use the following keywords to describe the parts of Polo shirt.

Multi Color Collar

Double Cuff

Standard Sleeve

Raglan Sleeve

Add Pocket

Split Hem

Double Collar


Custom made Polo details

  • There is no limit to the style and cut of clothes, just provide a clear product description
  • You may add Pocket, different colors collars and so on

  • Unless otherwise specified, we will use the following specifications:

    • Use 100% cotton pique fabric

    • Finish product is 210G/m²

  • If you need special tailoring for your clothes, you can contact our staff to check the price of polo shirt at any time