Custom made T-Shirt


Kwun Tong customize Tee provider, we provide professional T-shirt printing service, our products are suitable for different occasions and industry, such as T-shirt,soc Tee, activity Tee, event t-shirt, etc. There is no minimum order quantity, we also provide a variety of different printing techniques for you,such as silk screen printing, heat transfer, embroidery, digital printing.

T-shirt Material

Customers can make your Tee by different fabrics, and you can choose more than one fabric to make a T shirt.

26s Plain Cloth

Dry Fit

Contact us for more color choices

Custom T-shirt Area

Neckline: Crew Neck/ V Neck
Sleeve:  Normal Sleeve/ Raglan Sleeve
Sleeve length: Short Sleeve/ Medium Sleeve / 3/4 Sleeve / Long Sleeve
Cuff:  Body Cuff/ Edge covering/ Double cuff / Ribs ( Cotton ribs , Double sand ribs )
Body:  Add pocket / No pocket
Hem: Body cloth / Edge covering/ Double hem / Round Hem


T shirt Gallery

Customers can customize different types of t-shirts. If you have no idea about T-shirt design, you can come to our T-shirt design station for clothes design. If you need design service or transfer manuscript to the computer T-shirt template, you can also contact our staff.

Useful Keyword

To make sure we can communicate smoothly, you may use the following keywords to describe the parts of Hoodie.

Round Neck

Edge Covering

V Neck

Normal sleeve

Raglan Sleeve

Add Pocket

Round Hem

Double Cuff

Custom Made T-shirt Details


  • There is no limit to the style and cut of clothes, just provide a clear product description
  • T-shirts can be optional with pockets or men’s and women’s wear
  • Unless otherwise specified, we will use the following specifications:
    • Use a 2CM high rib collar

    • Use 100% cotton and 26s  plain fabric

    • The finished clothing 170g

  • The basic lead time is 10-14 days. If you need to speed up the process, please contact us
  • Wholesale is also available